Monthly Archives: August 2012


YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! I’ve been working for 1month since we’ve been here in the States to try to redesign our website. I started to use an online build-a-site type service, but it lost several pages that I designed, so I figured that was the Lord’s urging for me to design on my computer and upload it.  I have no webdesign experience, but I thought your average person these days knew how to do that.  WRONG!!!!!  So I set about to figure it out.  It took me about 14 days to realize that what I needed to do and learn usually takes about 4 years of university to learn.  So I did a self crash course in basic html and css computer coding so I could design our website and upload it.  I used a template, but it was still incredibly difficult (for a mommy of 6 with no time to fiddle)!  Many nights of midnight and 1am dozing at the computer later and we’re finally revamped!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!!  I hope everybody out there appreciates it as much as I do!!!!