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I’m currently editing our ministry video (first one ever) in order to put it on our website. It will give a glimpse into our life and ministry and our locale.

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Hot Dogs


Okay, being as this is a blog, it’s supposed to be personal, right? And since many people have wanted more “Life in the Bush” by Jen in our newsletters, I decided that this will be where that will occur. I can’t guarantee any regularity, but I can guarantee hilarity!!! And sometimes rhymes?!?!?!

So, I know there’s a big push for “healthy” eating these days. Many large families (which apparently we fall in to that category) grind their own wheat, grow their own vegetables, etc. But us, we just try to keep food in 6 hollow legged boys (that’s 12 hollow legs we’re trying to fill up, people!) So lately, hot dogs (I know, I know) has been our go to meal of choice (well, okay, corn dogs, too!)

Sliced hot dog buns

Sunbeam, Mrs. Baird’s, I don’t remember…

Americans don’t know how blessed we are.  We walk into the grocery store, go to the bread aisle and search for hot dog buns and, voila, packages of pre-sliced hot dog buns (even whole wheat if you want).

In South Africa, that’s not the case.  You’ve heard the old adage, “It’s the best thing since sliced bread!” Well, we have spent quite a bit of time in South Africa, and invariably, when you go to a friend’s house for a braai (Americans, look it up on wikipedia!) somebody says, “I’ll bring bread rolls!”  And then, while the meat cooks, one of the ladies will go forth and slice all the rolls (hot dog buns).  This is my least favorite thing to do, almost, in the world!  I’m serious, I think I would rather clean a toilet than slice hot dog buns for my family!!!!  Oh, it just irritates me!  My South African friends laugh at me and think I’m crazy.  Okay, my American friends laugh at me and think I’m crazy too.  Hey, at least I don’t change from continent to continent, right?

Ready to eat hot dogs

Ready to eat hot dogs!!

So the other day as I made hot dogs for the boys here in America, I was inspired to take a photo of my wonderful meal preparations, which is what inspired this post!  You just can’t beat the buns here, y’all!  I know they may not be as fresh and are full of preservatives, etc.  But they sure are easy!

Thank you Lord for American hot dog buns!