Back log on newsletters


How does one keep up with 7 children, a husband, newsletters, a website, & updating FB page? I have no idea?!?! I’ve visited a few blogs or websites maintained by moms of lots of children and I have no earthly idea how they do it! My brain has the capacity for it, but somewhere between making chips, popcorn & 3 meals a day and the computer, my brain becomes mush! All I want to do is sit still and listen to nothing! But since I’m trying to finalize the latest newsletter & the internet seems to be working & I’ve already ignored the children for breakfast and lunch and skipped my meals (basically) as well, I guess I should try to update the links to the latest newsletters. It seems as if maybe our last one was not put up on the blog either. Wow, but just the dashboard of this blog site scares me….it doesn’t seem to me quite as user-friendly as I originally thought. Also, I’d like to start posting a bit more, but most blogs are full of photos….and this one probably will not be, as the connection isn’t always reliable. We’ll see what I can manage.


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