Re-Introduction – I’m Back!!!


So, I’ve decided to attempt to restart my blog. If any of you have visited here in the past, you have seen that even when I started I wasn’t an AVID blogger by any shake of the stick. But recently our communication lines have opened up such that I’ve discovered many new friends on Instagram and Periscope (mostly artists), and it occurred to me that I should at the very least update our 3 year old website and possibly even try to start blogging. Some obstacles I’ve faced as contemplating this are that there is such a culture out there of stay-at-home moms blogging as a way to make income for their family. I think that’s great! It’s wonderful! But it’s not for me. In fact, everytime I think about making money (however that happens) off of a blog, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Literally! Another factor I’ve had to consider is that I feel like I have “nothing to offer.” Now, that’s not me being down on myself. It’s just that if you look at so many blogs out there, there’s lots of “tips” and “tricks” and “encouragements” and “teachings.” That’s not me! If somebody learns something from me, it’s just from me being me. It’s not because I’m a gifted encourager or teacher, because I’m not! I am who I am and I’m learning more and more everyday who that is and who that is not! So basically, I just want a little “corner” on the web where I can share my ramblings that give you a peek into our life. Life in the bush. The ups and downs and ins and outs of a Texan Christian missionary living in a village of mud huts in Africa. With 8 children. The only white family in our district (like a county). I hope you find this peek into my world encouraging in some way!

In the next few days, I hope to have a surprise to go along with our new newsletter, but it’s taking me a little time and brainwaves to organize it, neither of which I have in abundance at the moment! So, a little grace, if you will…


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  1. I’m looking forward to your ramblings, dear friend!
    I’ve thought of blogging, but I have even less to offer than you – no artistic sensibilities, only one child, and living in a suburban Texas town (not that I’m complaining – I love this life I get to live). I’m very curious / interested in your ramblings.

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